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Our team of Proffesionals will ensure that your claims are handled expertly ensuring your peace of mind in the event of a loss.

For Claim process edit as follows:

  • Call & report the incident – 0722-207304, 0735-333147
  • Obtain a Police Abstract
  • Fill & Email the Claims Form to: claims[@]unicorninsurance.com

For Motor Claim process section edit as follows

  • Report the accident or theft to the Police immediately but no later than 24 hours and obtain a police abstract
  • Report the accident to Unicorn Insurance Brokers Ltd. immediately through 0722-207304, 0735-333147 or +254 020 3750387/8/9
  • Do Not Accept liability in case of an accident
  • Arrange for towing/Recovery of  the vehicle from the scene of the accident (for comprehensive insurance only)
  • Clear with the police and take the vehicle to any garage of your choice ( ensure it is AA Rated ) and Notify us.
  • Complete and return a claim form, obtainable from your respective insurance company’s website or at our office.
  • Attach the Police Abstract and a Copy of the Driving Licence & National ID of the person who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident or loss.